USPTO Data Visualization Center and Patents Dashboard

In early September, David Kappos posted an article on his blog introducing the USPTO Data Visualization Center and Patents Dashboard. To help meet his goals of reducing the backlog of unexamined patent applications and driving patent pendency down, he will be making USPTO data easily accessible to the public through the Data Visualization Center and Patents Dashboard. He explained that traditionally the USPTO measured patent pendency at two points in the process: (1) measuring the average time from filing to the First Office Action; and (2) measuring the average time from filing to allowance or abandonment of the application. He stated that “these measures do not provide complete data about pendency across the USPTO. We therefore will now measure pendency in several additional ways to ensure we have a more complete picture, and will make the data available to the public.”

The patents dashboard provides USPTO performance indicators such as the number of applications in the backlog, production, actions per disposal, and staffing levels. The traditional “Total Pendency” measure stopped the clock with the filing of an RCE. A new measure, “Traditional Total Pendency Including RCEs” looks at pendency of applications from filing of the original application to ultimate disposal of that same application, including additional time attributable to RCE filings. Similar measures are provided for divisional applications and other types of continuation applications. The dashboard also provides information about pendency for applications in appeal. Some of the improvements the USPTO has made over the past year include a drop in the number of actions per disposal. One of the USPTO’s stated goals is to reduce first action pendency to an average of 10 months by 2015.
The August 2010 dashboard statistics at a glance are as follows:

1. First Office Action Pendency – 26.2 months;
2. Traditional Total Pendency – 35.4 months;
3. Patent Application Backlog – 728,055;
4. Average Actions Per Disposal – 2.4; and
5. Patent Examiners on Staff – 6,038.

The dashboard will be updated monthly. For those interested in more details about a particular statistic, a more detailed spreadsheet will be available for each measure with available data. Mr. Kappos has set up a mailbox for feedback from the public.

– Katie Cooper

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