Patent Application Data Sheet vs. Oath or Declaration

In a recent conversation with a Pittsburgh patent lawyer, we discussed the difference between submitting information for a patent application using an application data sheet (ADS) versus submitting information using an oath or declaration.      

An application data sheet is a sheet or sheets that may be voluntarily submitted in either provisional or nonprovisional applications, which contains bibliographic data.  MPEP § 601.05.    

MPEP § 601 states the following:

If an application data sheet is used, data supplied in the application data sheet need not be provided elsewhere in the application except that the citizenship of  each inventor must be provided in the oath or declaration even if this information  is provided in the application data sheet.

If there is a discrepancy between the information submitted in an application data sheet and the information submitted elsewhere in the application, the application data sheet will control except for the naming of the inventors and the citizenship of the inventors. 

If you use an application data sheet, it must be arranged in the format specified by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

– Katie Cooper

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